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Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Caravan to Poland

Ever since I read Poland by James Michener, I have wanted to visit Poland.

Nearly all countries are defined by geography Poland is an exception, it has been overrun by many different cultures yet has still retained its cultural identity, the main purpose of this trip is to learn about that culture.

Parked up for the first night of my trip in the Dovercourt caravan site.

I stayed here before on my Easter in Amsterdam trip, but that time did not uncouple because I was too knackered.

This trip is going to be different, I really enjoy my caravan trips, apart from doing them on my own which means I have no one to share the experience with.

This time from next Monday on, I'm going to be joined by my  daughter Lisa and her friend Angie they will fly out to Wroclaw Poland to join me.

So Lisa and Angie could load the caravan up with their holiday luggage, I parked the caravan outside Angie's home and the reason I'm not so tired, is Angie helped me hook up.

Because I have my scooter out of the car, I'm going explore the caravan site.

Not a bad site, plenty of room, electricity works ok, a bit expensive at £24 a night, but cheaper if you are catching the Stena line ferry the next day, at £12, the only thing missing was WiFi.

There were plenty of static caravans, some for sale, some seemed very roomy.

Had a pint in the campsite bar which was full of hyperactive kids. Bought a piece of cod for my tea, rode back to the caravan, stowed the scooter and hitched back up, leaving myself less to do the next day.

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