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Friday, 29 July 2011

Caravan to Poland Saturday

A great comfort to me over many years has been BBC radio 4. It really started when I became a truck driver, I like music but not as much as I like thinking learning and the spoken word.

Many campsites have WiFi and if I have WiFi I have Radio 4, not always a good reception if the campsite has bandwidth issues like the last site. What kept happening at Arnhem was I kept losing the feed so had to refresh the page to get it back. Here at Kundenbeleg Dresden, the WiFi is as solid as a rock not had one drop-out yet.

I've just heard a very interesting program about travellers in Essex and them being evicted. My question is why don't they just join the caravan club?

Heard a very funny statement by Jeremy Paxman earlier on, which very much applied to me yesterday around Dortmund "You are not stuck in traffic you *are* traffic", lol.

Its raining a lot here at the moment, makes me glad I'm not in a tent and makes me feel justified in going through all the extra cost and hassle of dragging my caravan all this distance.

Really looking forward to meeting up with Lisa and Angie on Monday.

I'm going to leave here around 11:00 for Poland.

Here are some photos of where I am at this moment. 

I have decided to write reviews of the campsites I visit, Kundenbeleg in Dresden was very good, helpful staff, great WiFi in terms of bandwidth, very clean toilets and lots of facilities. If I known how the next site was going to turn out, I would have stayed another night. The only thing that let the site down was the weather, but that was not the campsite's fault.

Coming up to the Polish border.

Well I have reached my dream of many years, I read James Michener's novel Poland, more than a few years ago and ever since wanted to visit.

I'm at a campsite in a small village called Legnica but it does not have WiFi so I'm going to the campsite in Wroclaw tomorrow, hoping they have WiFi, ok I can get on the 'Net via my phone, but that allows Walmart (The company that owns Vodafone) to carry out wallet rape on me.

The other reason I'm moving on is I'm the only person here!

When I left Britain I had about £24 prepay in my Vodafone account, now I have only £11.66 left in my  prepay.

 Do the Mafia run Walmart who own Vodafone?

The only usage I have given Vodafone is the small amount of text I have posted to this blog.

Some of this text has been written from my Kindle, even though I find adding internet content via my Kindle a somewhat clumsy process.

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