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Thursday, 28 April 2011

Easter in Amsterdam 4

When I last visited Amsterdam back in 1973/4 a place I spent a lot of time at, was called the Paradiso it had a very nice basement cafe, that had table tennis, a big fish tank and the sort of atmosphere I felt at home at in, so I decided to visit it to see if it was the same. Drove to where I had seen the disabled parking bays and yes there was a space, but the problem was, there was not enough space behind the car to get the ramps down due to an enormous pile of garbage in plastic bags, oh no I thought, I would have to move loads of them to give me room, oh well at least it would save 20 Euros, then I got lucky. It was actually two bays and the bay in front of me had a car in it, a German guy turned up with his disabled wife and vacated the bay in front thus letting me give myself room behind to extract my scooter.

Set off to track down the Paradiso, finally found it next to the Rijksmuseum

but sadly no cafe any more, so decided to go back to Westers to have one of their excellent salmon sandwiches.

On the way passed, a lesson, on how to do furniture removals in a narrow Amsterdam street.

Revisited Westers, sadly no salmon sandwich, two teas and some savoury things nice, but not a patch on the salmon sandwich.

But got these mad photos of a heron perching first on one car and then another.

 The heron perching on cars attracted much photographic attention, I think he/she got upset with the media attention and flew off,  now if they had rewarded the Heron with a nice tasty fish, it might have remained on the photo shoot.

Got back to the car no problem, put the scooter in the car then back to Zeeburg campsite. Extracted scooter and decided to have a quiet night in because I felt tired, next day would be different.

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