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Thursday, 28 April 2011

Easter in Amsterdam 3

Left Uitdam Monday morning taking the long way around to Zeeburg, missing out 'the lane of hell with a caravan' arrived around 12:00 all the while worrying whether my booking was recorded properly. Relieved to find my booking was ok, paid my bill for the week and dropped the legs.

Home again! The point being is, with your own caravan, once you get the caravan where you want to be, unhitch and drop the legs and you have a normal car again, with campsites that have electricity all your appliances work.

Took a ride around the campsite, and checked everything out.

Found some pictures of Camp Zeeburg on Flikr

I put my scooter back in the car and revisited the city, I had last visited in 1974, found an underground car park, got the scooter out of car and the first place I headed for, was where my partner and I had stayed - a houseboat more or less opposite the Anne Frank house. On the way 'round I saw this statue of my favourite philosopher Spinoza 

Found a small bar called Westers roughly in the area of where the houseboat we had stayed on was and saw this enormously long queue of tourists, all wanting to visit the Anne Frank house, seems quite an industry this.

Had a very nice salmon sandwich in Westers, couple of cups of tea, went online via Westers wifi, and then made my way back to the car via Dam square and saw this amazing fairground ride.

I didn't used to be scared of heights, 'till I broke my neck in Greece, now you would not get me on that thing 'for all the tea in China'. I know I went on the Pepsi Max in Blackpool, but that was all over in around three minutes, I do not know how long the ride is, from start to finish, but would imagine it would be much longer than that to be lifted nigh on 200 feet, whirled around then dropped back down again.

Got back to the underground car park paid, the parking fee 20 Euro for about 2 and a half hours! As I was driving back to Zeeburg I saw a street with plenty of disabled parking spaces on it, next time I will try that.    

Got back to Zeeburg and spent a happy evening playing chess with an Italian lad, even though he beat me three times.

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