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Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Easter in Amsterdam 2

Arrived at the Hook of Holland late afternoon and discovered I was only just  an hour away from Amsterdam, might as well try to book into Zeeburg campsite a day early I thought, so I entered the postcode of the campsite into the mighty TomTom and I set off,  arriving at around 6 o'clock, the place was a heaving mass of campers trying to leave and arrive due to the Easter break.

No room, I was informed by reception, I asked if I could park close by, I was informed there was a tiny car park on the periphery of the campsite, so I decided to give that a try. A bit of manoeuvring about and I had car and caravan in such a position as to not be causing an obstruction to anybody, then this Dutch chap came up and politely informed me, you can't park there sir, so I asked him if there was anywhere else I could park, out there he vaguely informed me, then things started to get weird.

Opposite to the sign pointing at the Zeeburg campsite, there was a sign pointing at another campsite, so I decided to give that a try. Going down this narrow and bumpy country lane, I started to get feelings of deja-vu, the first time I had camped at Zeeburg, I had found it by accident and as luck would have it, there was room to park up.

When I had set off on my Swedish trip last year, my plan was to break the journey at Amsterdam and camp again at Zeeburg, no such luck, it was full up, so they rang around for me in the Zeeburg reception and gave me a printed map of the route to the nearest  campsite, so I drove there and was informed the site was campervan only and there was not enough space for caravans but if I carried on down the very narrow lane I would arrive at another campsite called 'Uitdam' which I did.

It was not until I got to the first campsite signposted that I realised it was the same campsite that I had visited last summer, the person at that campsite assured me, there was a campsite 10 minutes up the road, just past the next village, half an hour later, I arrived at Uitdam, paid my 24 Euros and set off for the area where I had parked last summer, the weird thing was, there was only one practical place for me to drop the legs, exactly the same place as I had dropped the legs last summer, is this a conspiracy?

Events conspire, do not mention such things as free will - they are meaningless.

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