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Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Caravan to Krakow Tuesday

We awoke around 7 and set about breaking camp. As we went about getting wheels rolling, we  noticed some cats, two of them. I'm unclear as to whether they were from the same caravan or two different caravans, but the whole idea of taking a cat on holiday seems somewhat incongruous. Many people take their dogs on holiday, but cats? The big shame of this is, not one of us had the presence of mind, to take a photo of this somewhat odd phenomena.   

After a fairly long drive from Wroclaw here we are in Krakow, legs down, all set.

Nice campsite WiFi works !!!!

 Angie helping me load the scooter into the car.

After loading the scooter back into the car, we set off to explore the centre of Krakow which we had heard is worth visiting, it certainly lives up to its reputation. Very vibrant, lots of street theatre, a team of break dancers, stilt walkers.

The centre of Krakow has several very nice squares and not a car in sight.
Then we went for a nice meal, for a very reasonable price, meal finished, we went for a wander and bumped into another person who was staying at Camp Clepardia also, named Mike who is touring Europe on his Motorbike with a tent.


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