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Friday, 5 August 2011

Caravan in Krakow Wednesday and Thursday

Up nice and early and off to the centre to indulge in some serious touristing. Fantastic to have my electric scooter, I would make a pretty poor tourist without it.

Had ride around the campsite and got a couple of scenic shots of the river that ran next to it.

One of my wishes was to visit the ghetto portrayed in the film Schindlers list.

Ok we visited the Jewish Quarter of Krakow, but apparently the ghetto was not in that part of Krakow, so instead we paid a visit to the Wawel castle, then we made our way to the very picturesque squares in the centre, that act like a magnet to the world's tourists.

Australian couple who were camped next the caravan in the process of breaking camp.

Lisa and Angie

 One of the beautiful church's in Krakow.

Angie and me on my wheels



A model of Wawel castle

River  Vistula


Angie and me

Lisa and me

Angie and Lisa

If  any picture has a story this one does, tiny newborn baby and at a guess its grandparents in national costume , so if a Polish person can comment below, I have a question, is this a cultural celebration?

If the baby is not the couples grandchild, then a human baby is being used as a prop, in a bit of street theatre, to help sell trinkets to the tourists. Or perhaps this is what couple in their national costume normally do, and they have been press ganged into doing a bit of babysitting! 


End of the day a happy party.

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