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Thursday, 5 April 2012

Travel post coming up

Well its been a while and I'm planning to do some adventures, for the rest of the year. I am heading for Newark on the 7th to do a 'shake down' my caravan has sat all Winter, and I'm planning to go to Amsterdam in a short while, same as last year. The idea being to ensure the  whole 'kit and caboodle' still works. One thing I have never mentioned on this blog before is, I am legally disabled.

Both my body and my brain no longer function 100%, I damaged my lungs because I was addicted to nicotine and paid a lot of money to give myself  COPD, and around 11 years ago, I had a stroke that disabled my right side somewhat, I lost fine control functions on my right hand side, I can make big movements with my right side functions, no problem, I have problems doing the millimeter movements.

So anyway on Saturday I'm making an expedition to Newark, trying to plan it all out.

I start tomorrow, by loading my scooter into my car, I have photoed this kind of thing before but I will do it again, the point being is, when the scooter is in the car the first page of the story gets written. Newark is a historical city Newark battle.

Well the scooter is in the car on this Good Friday. All ready for the off tomorrow. 


  1. You never did put the Poland picture up we selected dad??

  2. MMM You are right, but I thought no one cared, so I could not see the point. I still have the whole list of photos you selected, most of them are uploaded, most of them were ones that you selected, I just ran out of steam because I just thought 'another failed project'.