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Saturday, 28 August 2010

Blogging the Fringe

I have written before about the joys of taking my scooter in my car on my travels.

When I had bought my ramps I had a try going somewhere with it, a nightmare getting the scooter in and out of the car because it was so heavy. Then I discovered how to take the scooter seat off, suddenly things were far more doable.

Ramps ready, tiller dropped, seat removed and I'm ready to put the wheels in my wagon.

Scooter in car ready to roll for northern parts

At the moment parked up beside the A6 about 3 miles south of Loughborough  at Procters caravansite and I will go out at 18:10 and get a shot of the A6.

 The biggest problem with this site is the noise from the A6, as the vehicles stream past, with an occasional loud roar as some young nutter flits past at about 150 miles an hour, on their two wheeled crotch-rocket.

Well I did start out ok, the laptop now seems to not want to connect to the internet via my n900, so I am typing this directly on the n900, a somewhat  long winded process.

To all those expecting more from me today, I appologise.

Nite all


  1. oh no! that's annoying about the lap top after all that trouble. Hope you are ok.xx

  2. Hey you have made my first comment on Nokiapete thanks.

    I think the problem was caused by bad cellnet reception.