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Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Hello from Breda

Posting this over three years later, talking about things in general to a friend the other day and I told her about what happened here. These three people are art students and they had been given a project. Their project being, to go around Breda asking people what they believed in. Then to photograph the people holding a card saying saying what they believed in, so they asked me. Off the top of my head I said 'evidence', lol. Wished I had a copy of that photograph.

This is my second time on the road with my Nokia n900 the first time did'nt really count, being that I travelled not long after the n900 arrived and was not really clued in on its ,operation.

This time it surpassed itself got me from Calais to Breda no problem.

Most people who visit Holland go to Amsterdam, Breda is better, more laid back.

At the moment sitting in a cafe drinking in the atmosphere lol.

Some pictures of Breda.

Taken out the window of the Rooms Hotel, on the wall opposite. I kid you not it was called that by the locals. No tea making facilities and no bar, but was clean and at the time I was relieved to find it.

The thing is, because I have a stubborn streak I usually learn the hard way, I naively thought I could just turn up at places pay money and doors would open. My idea was to go to Holland via the tunnel and come home via the ferry, so I turned up at the tunnel prepared to pay around £50 to cross, the voice at the automatic barrier thingy informed that I would have to fork out £147 to take my car on the next available train, having known the real value of money by spending 20 years driving a truck all over the place delivering anything anywhere, I ended up driving to Dover and crossing via Sea France for £51 pounds bought just outside the Dover port gate.

This is economic and environmental madness.

There are three ferry companies sailing out of Dover. P and O, Sea France and Norfolk Ferries.

The question is - how many people does it take to change a light bulb?

Have the people who make the profit from the sea ferries got people on the board of the people who decide what the tunnel charge will be? The wage costs of running the tunnel are astronomically lower than running  the ferries back and forth on an average of every two hours virtually 24/7 .

OK the capital costs of building the tunnel need to be recovered, but I bet you any money you like, the designers and builders of the tunnel have been paid, that just leaves the fat cats, the daft part of the equation is, there would be more profit with increasing the through put of the tunnel by price structure, even more environmental benefit could be gained by putting the car on the train, from say London to Paris.



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